Tips for Advanced Students

College 401: Tips for Advanced Students

1.Reuse research. You CANNOT reuse papers. But what you CAN do, though, is reuse the research you did last semester and at undergraduate. Development Economics,labour economics and trade are all related, utilise this.

2. Subscribe to disciplinary lists. Every academic discipline has at least two or three established email lists or discussion boards, a great place is the Economics Network data store.

3. Build relationships with Professors.If you haven't already, now is the time to really focus on getting to know your Professors - and getting them to know you. You'll be asking for references, recommendation letters, and graduate school advice soon.

4. Write for publication. That dosen't mean you should publish what you write but write like you' re communicating with an audience wider than your Professors.

5. Get critical. Now is the time to unleash the critical thinking skills your under-class professors worked so hard to instill in you. It no longer matters that you simply understand what a piece means, you need to understand how it works - and how it doesn't work

6. Learn to skim. The more advanced the class, the heavier the reading load. Learn to identify and focus on the most relevant parts of a book or essay, so you can quickly get the most out of your reading..

7. Feed your passion. Hopefully, you settled on your current major because it excites you in some way. You probably looked for courses that seemed exciting too. Many Professors are surprisingly open to suggestions from students who are clearly passionate about their subject - if nothing else, it shows initiative, read up on the things that excite you outside of class.

8. Be a good writer. If you're a graduate knowing NOTHING ELSE besides how to write well, you'll be ahead of the game. Hit your Universitiess writing center, check out books on writing from the library, enroll in advanced writing classes...

All of this information has been found on Lifehack.

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